Teste seu "greetings 2"

Imagine that you’re at a party, how to have a conversation with someone that you don’t know, let’s get started

A: (Hi, my name’s Marco and you?, (I don't think we've met. I'm Marco) (I’d like to say hi to you I’m Marco).


B: _____ Marco. I'm Camila (hi- hey)


A: Hi Camila. So, how do you know Jane?


B: Oh, (Jane and I used to work) (I and Jane used to work) together at a coffee shop.


A: Oh, you mean when you were working in Japan?


B: That's right. And (how you know jane) (how do you know her)?


A: Actually, Jane is my cousin. Our moms are sisters.


B: (You liar) (no way)! You two don't look anything alike.

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