how to insult in Arabic?

Whether we like it or not, Arabic insults are part of the language. In fact, a study of recorded conversations in all languages all over the world proved that between 80-90 words a person says per day (0.5% – 0.7% of all words used) swear words. Our intention in this lesson is not to encourage you to insult in Arabic, but to become familiar with some abusive words that native speakers commonly use in the daily life




This stupid deserves to fail the exam

el 3'aby da yestahel ys2at f'el emt7an

الغبي ده يستاهل يسقط في الامتحان




called him a donkey when he refused to do his work

oltlo ya 7amar lama mardash ye3mel sho3'ol

قولتله يا حما لما مرضاش يعمل الشغل

Ahbal, 3abit

أهبل, عبيط


You are such a dork!

enta ahbal!

انت اهبل

He looked like a real dork with those glasses on

shaklo 3abit b'enadara elly labsha dy

شكله عبيط بالنضارة اللي لبسها دي




Only an absolute idiot would drive like that.

el mo5alef bas yesoo2 keda

المتخلف بس يسوق كده


Piece of shit


You piece of shit

Enta 5ara

انت خرى

This car is a piece of shit because it always breaks down.

el 3arabya dy 5ara, dayman bt3tal

العربية دي خرى ديما بتعطل

ebn e'sharmota

ابن الشرموطة

son of bitch

 That son of a bitch insulted my family.

ابن الشرموطة ده شتم اهلي

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