How to make an Arabic conversation at the bus stop

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a conversation at the bus stop, in Arabic

Would you tell me which bus goes to the pyramids?

momken T2olly ay otobis byrou7 el haram?

ممكن تقوللي اي اتوبييس بيروح الهرم؟

Mohamed Emad Elshenawy · ممكن تقولي اي اتوبيس

You can take Route No.12C or 15B

enta momken ta5od 5at 12 aw 15

انت ممكن تاخد خط 12 او 15

Mohamed Emad Elshenawy · انت ممكن تاخد خط

Are these direct lines or might I need to change elsewhere?

otobis wa7ed walla ha7tag arkab otobis tany ba3dih

اتوبيس واحد ولا محتاج اخد اتوبيس تاني

Mohamed Emad Elshenawy · اتوبيس واحد

Where do you want to go?

enta htrou7b feen?

انت هتروح فين؟

Mohamed Emad Elshenawy · انت هتروح فين

I want to go to the pyramids, What is the fare for that route?

Ana 3ayez arou7 el haram bekam el mowasala?

أنا عايز اروح الهرم بكام المواصلة؟

Mohamed Emad Elshenawy · أنا عايز اروح الهرم

It’s 50 pounds

by 5amsin geneih

ب 50 جنيه

Mohamed Emad Elshenawy · ب 50 جنيه

I’m afraid I don’t have any change. Could you break 100 pounds?

bthayaly ma3ayish faka, momken tfek 100 geneih?

بنهيألي معييش فكة ممكن تفك 100 جنيه؟

Mohamed Emad Elshenawy · بتهيألي معييش فكة

Sure thing!



Mohamed Emad Elshenawy · طبعا

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